Jeff Sheppard Esq

Experienced New Jersey Attorney

Since 1987 Jeff Sheppard Esq. has provided knowledgeable legal advice to clients in South Jersey.
With extensive experience in personal injury and workers' comp law, Jeff Sheppard Esq. has had great success representing clients with their personal injury, workers' comp, medical malpractice and wrongful death cases and has ensured his clients received fair treatment in insurance claims, out-of-court settlements, and jury trials.

Jeff Sheppard Esq. offers legal solutions across other practice areas, including:
• Criminal Law
• Traffic Violations
• Small Claims
• Bankruptcy
• Landlord Tenant

Since we opened our doors over 29 years ago, we have been committed to protecting your interests regardless of what life or business throws your way. We are here to grow with you, advise you, aggressively pursue your interests, represent and position you for success now and in the future.

When you have a legal matter, you need an experienced attorney who understands your legal rights and needs. Jeff Sheppard Esq. will give your case the individual attention that it deserves.