Workers' Compensation Attorney

In most work related injuries, the employer or the insurance company will voluntarily pay medical bills and lost wages.
What your employer or insurance company won’t tell you is that there is an entitlement to an award. We can help you get the maximum award while assisting you in any difficulty that you may have with regard to medical bills or wage loss.

Jeff Sheppard Esq. has over 29 years experience with workers' compensation cases and has the knowledge and determination needed to successfully represent you in all types of work accident and occupational disease claims including injury claims, disability claims and work-related death claims.

Jeff Sheppard Esq. will guide you through the procedures to ensure compliance with New Jersey workers’ compensation laws and will fight for you every step of the way to help you get the compensation and medical benefits you are entitled.

Please call Jeff Sheppard Esq. at 609-605-2717 to schedule a free consultation.